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Choosing your first guitar


The scores of Maxitabs have you want to put on the guitar? It's a very good idea. We will be able to advise you on the purchase of your first guitar as well as the various accessories necessary for your learning.

Musicians and guitar teachers for several years, we bought most of our instruments at Thomann. Its international reputation, its wide choice of materials at attractive prices, as well as these conditions of sales (30 days satisfied or refunded + 3 years guarantee) have led us to trust them as partner Maxitabs.

Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner

Let's start with the beginning, a good guitar first remains a comfortable guitar and your size. In the acoustic section, there are two types :

-Classical guitars Which have a particular warm and warm sound thanks to their nylon strings and let's say it, offer beginners a primordial comfort at the level of the fingers.

- Folk Guitars, More massive and which allow a more powerful sound via metallic strings. More adapted to the amateurs who master the chords.


Our favorites for beginners :

Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner

145 €

Guitar 1/4

(Children aged 4 to 6)

Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner

135 €

Guitar 1/2

(Children aged 6 to 8)

Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner

98 €

Guitar 3/4

(Children aged 8 to 10)

Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner

185 €

Guitar 4/4



Guitar Packs and Accessories

The plectrum, a plastic triangle for scraping strings like a Rockeur: we do not necessarily advise it for an initial learning at the risk of blurring the sound. Once mastered, the latter nevertheless offers a power and a not inconsiderable attack.


Pack 12 Picks 1.99 €

Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner

The tuner, essential for tuning your guitar correctly. There are several types, the tops remain those that cling to the end of the handle and capture the sound vibrations. Useful when you agree with other musicians or in a noisy context (bar, beach, street ...)

Tuner 7.90 €

Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner

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