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Stevie Wonder – Free (male and female vocals)

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Male Vocals Female Vocals


Stevie Wonder – Free



Em   Am   Em   Am   Em   C   B7   Em   Em



Em Am             Em    Am                    Em       C               B7 Em   Em

Free    like the river          Flowing freely through infinity

Em Am           Em      Am                Em            C       B7          Em    E

Free     to be sure of         What I am and who I need not be

Am Dm                 Am         Dm                Am          F                 E              Am

Free       from all worries       Worries prey on oneself's troubled mind

A                           Dm                     A                            Dm

Freer than the clock's hands Ticking way the times

A                          Dm                B7                          Esus4   E

Freer than the meaning of free that man defines




Em Am                    Em               Am         Em         C           B7           Em     Em

Life         running through me       Till I feel my father God has called

Em Am                Em      Am             Em            C           B7              Em    E

Me          having nothin'      But possessing riches more than all

       Am             Dm             Am          Dm          Am       F           E           Am

And I am free        To be nowhere      But in every place I need to be

A                      Dm             A                                    Dm

Freer than a sunbeam Shining through my soul

A                               Dm          B7                      Esus4  E

Free from feelin' heat or knowing bitter cold



Am Dm                   Am       Dm             Am          F                          E        Am  Am

Free        from conceiving       The beginning for that's the infinite start

        Am   Dm                Am    Dm                 Am          F          E            Am

I'm gone        but still living        Life goes on without a beating heart

A                                       Dm Gm             Dm     Gm

     Whoa whoa whoa free          like a vision



                 Dm         Bb     A            Dm

That the mind of only you can see

D7                   Gm               D                           Gm

Freer than a raindrop  Falling from the sky

D7                   Gm             E                         A            A

Freer than a smile in a baby's sleepin'eyes, yeah

        Am   Dm             Am      Dm                Am       F               E  Am   Am

I'm free            like a river          Flowin' freely through infinity

             Am Dm             Am         Dm

Whoa free          to be sure of

             Am            F           E                 Am     (Am STOP)

what I am and who I need not to be

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