donate MaxitabsDriven by music professionals (musicians, guitar and vocal teachers), Maxitabs is a website which offers educationally adjusted guitar scores. Nowadays, the guitar remains the most popular and accessible instrument in the world because unlike most other instruments, it does not require mandatory solfège courses. 

Many of you have tried to learn the guitar alone by attempting to reproduce Youtube tutorial for several hours. And without much success, you have certainly been asked to take classes at the conservatory or simply take private lessons? Have prices and availability hindered you?

Maxitabs will certainly never replace a teacher, but has the advantage of being 100% free.

On our website, you will find most of your favorite scores adjusted according to your level and your tone of voice (male or female). Maxitabs has done the job for you by offering for each score, videos illustrating different rhythms and arpeggios to use. Sound clips are even offered for your convenience.

For all these reasons, we believe in our ability to convey the pleasures of the guitar and highly appreciate a donation no matter its size. This would allow us to grow the site and continue to provide maximum quality scores.